About The Author

Born on February 7, 1945, Bruce Aitken grew up in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, during a golden age of American confidence, and world peace.  Educated in public schools, Bruce graduated from Hasbrouck Heights high school as a member of the amazing Class of 1963, full of optimism, patriotism and confidence in America and the lofty ideals it stood for.

After graduating from Florida Southern College, on a full scholarship, Bruce hoped to fill his lifelong dream to become a professional baseball player.  However, fate intervened, and instead, Bruce, drawn by the desire to see the world, embarked on a life long journey of adventure and excitement that covered the globe.

Settling in Hong Kong in the early 1970’s, and working in the financial markets during an era of almost universal foreign exchange controls, fate, luck and hard work resulted in Bruce becoming a major player in the currency black markets.  While fraught with risk and danger, at same time, observing the world and America from the outside looking in, gave Bruce a unique perspective into what is important in life.

Concluding that every man must choose what direction to take, Bruce eventually close the spiritual over the material.  Inspired by the lofty ideal that to serve the Lord is the highest calling, he presently produces and hosts a popular Sunday night radio program in Hong Kong called the “Hour of Love”.

Peace and love to all!